The SunkLandscape Pieces / Liquid Landscapesen Place

Silvia De Giorgi

Our natural environment is rapidly changing in the face of climatic change.These works are part
of a wider photographic research that explores the impermanence of the natural surrounding
and the fragility of our human presence in the land. Images of weathered natural formations are
juxtaposed with traces of ancient human interventions in the landscape, such as neolithic
monuments and prehistoric artefacts. Like rocks, cliffs and mountains these earliest signs of
human existence in the landscape are slowly washed away by time and, arguably, by our own
present actions.
Often subjected to a collage-like method, the images in these series combine layers of personal
and collective histories in re-constructed scenes. In some cases, the visual content of the
images focuses on small objects collected on site, that serve as a reference to the wider
location. The objects are enlarged and removed from their context in the photographs. They
become abstract landscapes themselves or assume ritualised, totem-like qualities.
The transitory aspect of landscapes is emphasised by the use of expired photographic paper.
Images printed on aged paper are characterised by faded areas, and unpredicted colourations.
The prints are often affected by light, even after processing, resulting in images with low
contrasts that might degrade and change appearance over time. The project's title refers to the
‘fluidity’ of the natural environment and to the water, chemicals and elements affecting
geographical formations.

Silvia De Giorgi

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