Stefano Conti

When I killed your tulips explores the social biography of objects through the medium of photography. By that, how their meanings change and are renegotiated throughout history depending on the social interactions they are caught up in. 

This project is part of my research aimed at investigating the migration of cultural material. I am fascinated by the methods that archaeologists use to fill gaps in information and reconstruct the past, actions that often cannot be linear over time. They seek a linearity in history that is difficult to find. Similarly, in When I killed your tulips, I want to emphasize the confusing information on a visual level, combining materials of the past with materials of the present to see what can emerge. Synthetic materials are juxtaposed to natural ones in a continuous back and forth over time. Like archaeologists, I dig into the photographic prints to find new visual possibilities, working with layers.

In 2020, I made a zine out of it that is currently on view at Condominio, in Milan, Italy.

Stefano Conti


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