Cris Bartual

The printed image and its fragility, its alteration and distortion make us question the ori-
gin of what is observed. Cris Bartual’s work aims to expand the frontiers of photography

from a dream point of view, moving away from the real and tangible world, playing with
the duality of the real and the fictional being, simulating what our eyes cannot see. Her
images make us enter his personal world starting from objects, landscapes, or portraits.

Cris Bartual’s work uses photography in a tactile and physical way, sometimes using gra-
phic and digital resources such as the scanner, where the image is distorted and treated to

find other ways of representing the real. Fragmentation, detail or decontextualization are

strategies that she uses to break with the logic of the image, as well as with the combina-
tion of photographs, different materials, files or papers.

Cris Bartual

Cris Bartual

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