Veronica Neri 

"There is a purpose, but not a path, what we call a path is hesitation."
Franz Kafka, 1922

Decaying organic material, pictorial or sculptural, is born from death, and re-born from death. Symbiosis with and differentiation from the human; symbol of its own materiality, not at all transcendent yet transcendent.

Farewell to feeling linear time. In the symbiosis of birth and death lies the secret of the cyclical spiral of events, an eternal return that is not stagnant, but progressive and exponential. In the differentiation from union is the profound meaning of every generative act generative act: the perennial tension between high and low, male and female, positive and negative, order and chaos. negative, the order and the chaos.

Hesitating is the curse, the engine of life until it can decide to live, to be, to exist. And once it has made up its mind, it begins again. It is the path before the choice, the obsessive crossroads. It is the tension that drives to the progressive and delirious excavation in search of the 'we don't know what' to fill the anguish of boredom, it is the compulsive self-analysis and the sifting through all the possibilities in order not to get wrong what cannot be wrong. It is a hole in the depths, in the inside, the antithesis of instinct.

Veronica Neri

Veronica Neri

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