Giulio Bensasson

Don’t know where, don't know when is an archive of almost

six hundred slides found in an old and humid studio. The pictures, which originally
captured a precise moment and a personal memory, are now the result of a chaotic
process that has lasted over forty years.
Time is the author of these ever-changing images. There is no human intervention on the
films, neither for cleaning them from moulds or dirt, they are still changing, transforming
and living.
The spontaneous decomposition process is here contemplated in the photographic
medium as if it were a single long exposure, where the film is no longer exposed to light
but to time and its tools. Trough the relentless action of moulds and fungi, time has
dissolved and liquified each image in colors, turning them in new abstract landscapes and
fluorescent universes.
This archive proves that decomposition is the purest form of abstraction.

Giulio Bensasson

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