Celine Croze Nothing Happened

In your work you talk about a trembling ground, that seems to align itself to your emotional mood, as it could become a sounding board through which you can project outside of yourself your emotions. How much a place influences you, modifies you, and how instead you act on a place by transforming it through your emotional status?

  • I believe here that it is the place that transformed me... this island has something of another temporality, it is as if it wanted to tell me a secret and I wanted to be guided.
    I believe that my being could not do otherwise, precisely because of my emotional

    I lived it as a great inner healing journey. Me facing my shadows, and looking for the light at the end.
    A place always has an energy of its own, it exists, it transpires...
    To align with its rhythm, its energy is essential to me to find its essence.

Your photography plays on vacuous signs, suggesting delicate and obscure worlds in which someone can immerse himself. Your stories seem more to evoque than to describe. Why does this language belong to you?

  • I don't know if it's a language that belongs to me but in any case it's the one I use in my everyday life, it exists beyond my photographic work. It is a questioning and a perpetual research that I maintain with myself. 

    I attach a lot of importance to signs, to the universe, to things that escape us but are there. The memory.

In your projects you tell stories about men, but in the same time you also talk in general about the human condition. 
What do you think about the human being?

  • The human being is a strange animal, crossed by a multitude of consciousness. We all have without exception a part of darkness and light.
    For me, man decides whether or not to be awakened... and either he starts an inner work to understand what he is crossed by, or he undergoes it.
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