Cristina Cusani

Was born as an exploration of the human body as the part closest to us that we have always lived in and that, inside, has the appearance of a foreign planet.
In this project I combine photographs of terrestrial, marine or lunar landscapes and photographs of fractions of bodies or satellite images with internal scans of my body: ultrasound scans, resonances, electromagnetic wave measurements, chromosomal analysis, doppler and radiographs.
Over the last year I had to do a lot of analyzes and I was very intrigued by the appearance that the inside of my body assumed depending on the type of investigation that was performed. During an echo-doppler of the veins I looked on the screen of the doctor's office what looked like a space probe flying over an extraterrestrial planet, so this project was born in which the body becomes a real place to explore, the protagonist of a journey to discover an unknown interiority.

Cristina Cusani
Napoli (Italy)

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