"Do you accept cookies?" ,  "Front end"

David Birò

About David Biró's practise:

His main interest is the influence of the newest technological environment on human behaviour and society. He attempts to detect the blind spots of the technology and to elude the system using various hacks. He takes the ethical issue of observation and being the one who is observed in the discussion, which is unquestionably one of the most important dilemmas of our time. 

This attitude gains a critical reading of techno-positivist and techno-spiritualist approach, which is dominated by social media, the thirst of information, influential propaganda and AI-driven data-mining. His aim as a visual artist and photographer is to map the blind spots in our contemporary systems and to find the room to bypass the algorithm, be offline and live with the challenges created by our renewable tools.

From series "Do you accept cookies?" And  "Front end".

David Birò

Budapest (Hungary)


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