Cosmic Stream

Dora Lionstone

Cosmic Stream is an exploration of the inner world of the mind in relation to the mysteries of the universe.
Materials and ideas from different contexts were merged, blending imagination and science, the organic and the artificial, and various scales and perspectives in order to find new possibilities for association and coexistence. 

Thoughts revolving around liminality, myth and the subconscious, as well as space, gravity and patterns of nature became internally intertwined and were shaping this visual research around cosmic consciousness and the complexities of existence.

The images are the result of various experiments with photographic material and were created in different ways: through collage making and analog or digital transformations, or by the staging of self-made objects and maquettes. 

Each image was created in an investigative and intuitive process as an attempt to question the perception of reality and to reimagine what can seen with the eyes and the mind.

Together, the images form an alternative cosmos that shifts and blends multiple perspectives, as an invitation to wonder and wander, and to follow a stream of consciousness through poetic science fiction.

Dora Lionstone


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