Il Duplice

Federica Culotta

Federica’s work is based on the study of human relationships, on the idea of the body and the concept of identity that lead to the creation of cracked, split figures. 

She investigates human bonds, the difficulties of relating and the acceptance of one's self. She confines her dummies, that are often alone, in suspended and alienating atmospheres in monochromatic backgrounds as voids to fill. Our attention is attracted by absent gazes that often erect walls. 

They are faces with which we often come into contact every day. They can welcome us, encourage us but they are also faces that collide, land and isolate us.

The materials she uses are mainly recycled paper and newspaper clippings. Through their tearing and their juxtapositions she creates collages of bodies and faces, playing with the three-dimensionality and tactility that the same paper allows to create. Ecoline, watercolors, pencils underline the surfaces and, moving between the folds and the furrows, they create different kind of mappings: surfaces to be traveled as roads, people to be discovered as places.

Federica Culotta

Palermo (Italy)

Federica Culotta

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