Gaia Vettori

july [there are fumes I cannot touch] (2018)
The work, composed of photographs and scans, together with the squares containing the plant and animal elements (the legs of a grasshopper), intends to evoke a universe made of words whispered from the depths of an abyss and plays on the cognitive dissonance that a flower colored like a poppy he manages to provoke if presented in this dark infernal guise.
Inspired by Sylvia Plath's poppies in July, the author created a series of images depicting botanical, human and animal elements (legs of a small grasshopper). These are images either in black and white or characterized by a particular red tone, obtained through a special post-production.
Eyes that melt, mouths that hide surprises, hands that welcome pieces of animals: this surreal part is linked to the opiate declination of the poppy, whose etymological meaning, albeit uncertain, seems to refer to the concept of "pernicious juice", with reference to that substance which is extracted from seeds and which can cause a strong astonishing effect, even death.
The same death that the poet found shortly after writing this poem (a year later), in which undoubtedly emerges the psychic discomfort of a woman torn to pieces and locked up in a glass case (after all, "The Bell Jar" is the title of his only novel)

Gaia Vettori
Firenze (Italy)


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