Giacomo Infantino

Is a journey throughout the pre-alpine region of northern Italy, the forests of the southern Appennine and the Saxon suburbs of Germany. The province of Varese in particular is reflected on its numerous lakes' turbid and calm waters near the mountains. Within these bodies of water streams are generated, which drag with them time and memory of the landscape's identity itself. Thus, the province's locations seem to become a wider tale that does nota embrace solely one specific area, but it rather deduces the subtlest aspects of what it means to inhabit.

With "Unreal", I wanted to examine the perception of the landscape, of its contemporary nature, in the limit of a more and more complex and at risk coexistence; in between urban and natural, non-places and anthropized nature, fascination and reality. By approaching with cinematographic method through a real visual and bright experimentation on the field, through light installations of dreamlike perspectives, I tried to raise a new awareness of the places I live in, shedding light on the fragilities and the most hidden and ephemeral potentialities.
This visual research aims to highlight the territories of thought, often hidden by veils, which serve as protection of ourselves, favoring the conception of new forms of perception, never static and full of multiple dimensions, useful for a renewed conception of what nature can offer.

Giacomo Infantino

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