After meaning

Gianluca Ceccarini

There is an inseparable link between perception, motivation and memory. 
This is never a mere individual record of the past, but an integration between past and present, between the individual and the community. According to Bartlett's vision, in the analysis of the mnemonic process it is not important to highlight precision, understood as the more or less faithful copy of the past, but the adaptive aim of the mental processes considered in a given context.
Memory is an integral part of the flow of perception and imaginative thinking, it welds the cognitive aspect to the motivational and emotional aspect. An interpretative approach that focuses on the phenomenon of "false" memories, distortions and oblivion.
We should think of these memories not so much as fakes but as "fictions", as Clifford Geertz intended ethnographic descriptions in their relationship with reality, that is something constructed, modeled through representative strategies to which the classic true / false dichotomy is hardly applied.

After meaning is my ongoing autobiographical, fragmented and imaginative photo diary inspired by the interpretative theories about the memory of Bartlett, according to which memory is a constant "effort after meaning". Not an ability to store past data but a process of reconstruction that, start from interests and knowledge of the present, trying to reconstruct the meaning of memory.  Somewhere when dreams and reality, the past and the present meet, when digging the surface is useless because the surface is infinite and perhaps reinterpreting is the only possible way.

Gianluca Ceccarini
Viterbo (Italy)

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