1st edition of 75
published by Fotonica Diary 

Book design: 
Priscilla Pallante 
Luca Brunetti

Ali Beşikçi

Bodonian binding 
168 pages 

Printed on:
Favini Burano Black

Fedrigoni Arena ew Smooth 70g
Canson Calque Satin 110g
Favini Chamelon light blue 120gr
Fedrigoni Splendorlux l/w
by La Legatoria

In January 2021 Fotonica Diary launches its first free call for entry on the subject of Digital Identity, "ID", and contacts 12 additional authors, asking them to produce multimedia contents that reflect on the issue and are able to return their personal idea and their language. All these reflections, the winning images of the call and the 12 multimedia contents, are conveyed in an artist's book published in February 2022, an object on the theme of the digital world and on the relationship between the individual and the virtual reality. 

The volume presents the authors' reflections in a pressing flow in which images, videos, audio are translated on paper, in a polyphonic object that speaks different languages ​​and that tries to restore a materiality to what is born on a digital support.

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