Kristina Borinskaya

The “Block Universe” theory is based on the idea of thinking of the entire history of the universe as a single block. According to this view, the past, present and future are all equally real. And thus, the passage from one moment of time to the next one is only an illusory perception necessary for human gnoseology. 

Starting from this concept I have developed a series of parallel reflections. Firstly, I try to analyse our perception of time and then the perception of reality through the photographic medium. In this regard, I create installations with objects and materials of everyday life, I juxtapose them by reworking spaces, distances and reciprocal positions.

The photographed objects are fragmented and recomposed in totemic structures halfway between the real and the surreal. These structures become symbolic of a reality in which time crystallizes in a succession of immobile states. In this way, by canceling the perception of an evolution between past, present and future, time itself becomes a palindromic structure potentially viable in both directions.

Kristina Borinskaya

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