Linda Pezzano

 Undifferentiated connective tissue is an autoimmune disease in which small tissues, the connective tissue that binds the large organs of the human body to each other, become inflamed unexpectedly. Everything inside your body implodes but, despite this inflammation, some of them could not live without the others. A bit like the relationship I have with my mother.

A bond so visceral as to reach obsession but we both could not live without each other. As if we were connected by an invisible red thread. My mother is the heart, the lungs, the liver, the intestines. I am the connective tissues which inflam in their race towards the great organs. Thus they suddenly ignite, apparently for no reason, but a reason always exists. There is something that breaks up. In order to live, the connectives must reach the heart, but in their race, on their way, they encounter small obstacles, pebbles, blood clots, stones that become, over time, boulders. Sometimes they stop. And it’s painful.

There are also those days when you feel yourself well, the pain seems to decrease for a moment. The phases are calm, but just apparently. This is because you can notopen your body or tear your skin off to try to understand why everything seems better on that day. Because blood flows unhindered that day. But maybe, instead, if you could, you would see that there still is something wrong, but you have less perception of it.  

Linda Pezzano
Trani (Italy)

Linda Pezzano

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