Odysseus’ Clepsydra

Makis Makris

The project in question is an assemblage of visual fragments deriving from candid shots and selected scenes through the lengthy process of watching assorted television broadcasts, under very special conditions compared to those of my ordinary lifestyle. It is a personal allegorical narrative inspired by one of the most renowned Homeric epics.
Odysseus' Clepsydra seeks to visualize all the emotional transitions that take place during our difficult and laden with dubiousness journey into the world.
The eternal inner struggle is unceasing and equivocal. Positive thoughts, dreams and desires pitted against fears and unease, not only for bygones but also for what is yet to come.
The goals we set at the dawn of our lives are often succeeded by unexpected twists and frustrations, as years turn into an incessant struggle for survival.
However, the Time we are left with is teeming with the hope of restoration of our psychological balance, so that we are ultimately led to redemption.

Makis Makris
Kavala (Greece)

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