Makis Makris Odysseus’ Clepsydra

  • Your project gently describes the human condition. In relation to this, as a man, do you feel in a vulnerable condition as your images suggest?
  • Inrecent years, unfortunately, I have experienced a sad situation, dueto various personal and financial problems.Ιnthe recent quarantine period, the outcome of Covid 19 Pandemic, Irealized the need to express all my emotional charge through the artof photography.Themandatory stay at home for a long period combined with the intensereflection on and concern about the future both but urget me tocreate this series. Theperiod of confinement possibly became the culminating moment of aninner process, a long- lotsing unending struggle, in search forrestoring balance, reality with the unknown, the familiar with theunfamiliar and eventually my real place in the world and space- time.  

  • In the realisation of your work, you subjected yourself to a series of visual influences for a certain time period. It can be perceived from your images the will to illustrate a time flow instead of a whole of single instants. In relation to this, which is your perception of Time?
  • Throughmy daily routine I strived to create a personal visual narrative,allegorically rendered, drawing my inspiration from the homonymousHomeric epic.Ourjourney through life unravels into a small Odyssey, already from itsbeginning. The targets we initially set and the adventures of thecourse itself frequently hidetwists and turns as well as unforeseeable developments accompanyThefinal destination which will redeem us. thetime that remains, is the time on which lie our hopes for restoringour inner psychological balance, thus leading us on the path toredemption.

  • In your working process the action of extrapolating the images from a screen, how much affected your immersion into the work? Did it allow you to go deeper into it or did it push you to go emotionally out of your work?

Ithink that this whole process probably allowed me to go deeper intomy work, since I was able to draw material from a wide range oftopics, whichthese for me constituted a framework of symbolisms and being asource of inspiration for the materialization of my project.

Odysseus’Clepsydra was this created in a period in which I wanted toexperiment with other forms of expressions and try new things inphotographic art and the way of making a visual narrative in so doingbroadening and satisfying my artistic horizons and restlessness. Myissue at major concern was to select scenes and snapshots fromvariοus television programmes as well as archive pictures, suited tothe “film noir” style and general atmosphere that would dominatemy project.

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