River Guara

Maria Sécio

Was a ship my dad saw being swallowed by the sea. 
With some meters apart, he saw the ship break in half and there, he waited for the bodies, already dead, to surface.
Those were the orders; wait but don't get close.
For a while, I have been assuming these same orders for myself.
Unaware of this story, I would always question why am I so afraid of the sea.
My dad answered me to the fear and gave the name for a world I have been exploring for a while.

River Gurara abandoned the shape of a ship and became my desire, fear and fascination.
This project lives in its own realm, the characters wander, emerging from the water like ghosts.
They feel observed and there, while watching them I wait for the courage to swim with them.

Maria Sécio
Lisbon (Portugal)

Maria Sécio

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