Marina Conte

These images narrate the civil evolution and social change of my country, Italy, through a “mise en scène” using paradoxes that have characterized the passing of time.
Using the photographic archive inherited from my grandfather, I superimposed contemporary elements to the images from the 1940s, with the intent to create an alienating experience.

The juxtaposition of past and present society, postmodern and hyperconnected, allows the overcoming of space-time concepts. Here past and present blend to give life to an atmosphere suspended between two worlds. Two ways of thinking and living everyday life.
These scenarios are then recomposed, sometimes with an apocalyptic tone, in which unresolved problems typical of postmodern society, such as the environmental conflict, are intersecting with problems that arise in the period between the two wars, in a totalitarian and patriarchal society which still echo today in our everyday life.

A society that is changing then, but at the same time evoking itself and the problems of its time, therefore opening up to a reflection at the turn of two eras, about being a man in contemporary society.

Marina Conte
Roma (Italy)

Marina Conte

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