Sui mutamenti d'acqua

Martha Micali

My practise expands mainly on photography, digital and analogue collages, manipulations, videos. 
It often happens to me to print my images randomly, to overlap them, to cut them, to photograph them again or to reprint them. Sometimes this process occurs directly on the computer, by overlapping things I need to provoque a sensation.
My mind assimilates and draws informations from two main channels, the dream and the natural environment, including the human, which I observe in the same way I observe a rock or the water.
The first channel grows from the inside, the second one from the outside but both of them, together, bring me to notice how the mutability of things is provided with its own shape: a specific, temporary, manipulable and interchangeable shape.

As the trascendence of the dream creates shapes which sometimes appear to be very clear, to gradually get mixed up and change, the nature poses a question about the immanence, about the bond between the shapes.
To look for the appearence in the trascendence of the dream and to look for the flexibility in the immanence of nature, I believe are at the moment the key points of my research.

Martha Micali
Messina (Italy)

Martha Micali

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