Miriam Levi

Miriam Levi’s sci-fi photography book Indigo Dust welcomes the genesis of a new dimension out of the confusion of technological
societies. Acting as a bridge between the artificial and the natural, the project is a cyborg; a chaotic child of a surreal lovemaking

between fiction and science, archive and fantasy. The photographs are themselves created through a mixture of analog and digi-
tal processes, some imprinted by the sun, some printed in the darkroom through camera-less processes and then digitally altered,

others appropriated from online digital archives and then experimentally corrupted. In between layers of reality Indigo Dust shows
an alternative universe, where artificial and natural are suspended in an eerie balance, afar from modern environmental crisis. It acts
as a window into an age of confusion. Reshaping the past to comment on the future, it questions the era of hyperreality, rethinking
notions of motherhood and gender in the technological age.

Miriam Levi

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