Planet Agar Agar

Niccolò Quaresima

The project Planet Agar Agar tells the story of a celestial body discovered during an interstellar travel. 

A planet covered by mold and fungi, continuously evolving life forms. The narrative alternates imagination and reality, microscopic and macroscopic, intertwining biology and photography.

The objective is twofold: firstly to deconstruct the photographic picture, leaving only traces of images, like a lost novel broken into fragments—travel logs, scientific articles and personal inserts. These signs relieve the viewer from the need of understanding what is real and what is not, allowing them to roam free on the obscure ground of the planet; a field where document and immagination, pixel and pigment, biology and technology are fused together. On the other side the aim is to simply play with a narrative that goes beyond the clarity of images, telling facts of a hidden planet.

Eventually Agar Agar becomes the land where bacterias and molds win over animal life, a primordial place, where the micro overpowers the macro. The action of time is fundamental—the time of traveling, the cultivation of bacterias, the slow destruction of the photographic picture and the collection of these images—to express one concept: biological life over technology.

Niccolò Quaresima


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