Oriana Majoli

"Testae" is the plural of the term which in Latin means vase, amphora.

TESTAE is a collection of very special, human vases. The body becomes a vase and is nude, in ceramic, free of disturbing elements, shaped by light like clay, by means of the chiaroscuro plastic typical of the soft analogue black and white of a Polaroid, and reveals itself between penumbra and light, resting on a pedestal in front of a 19th century tapestry, like a valuable furnishing accessory. 

The "vase" is a container of lifeblood for the individual herbal, floral and arboreal essences that fill it, adorn it, complete it and communicate it. Only two specimens of each pose were produced, worked afterwards with the application of the natural essences that were dried and treated beforehand, in order to manage their shapes, textures and colour shades individually. 

Oriana Majoli
Eboli (Italy)

Oriana Majoli

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