Tua sorella

Veronica Barbato

Promise: A declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen. This happened. After 20 years (without her) she is now fulfilling her most important promise, being close to me forever.

In 1993 I lost my sister. With 23 years, she committed suicide. At that time my nephew was 3 years old and could not know what had happened to his mother. I had only 12 years old. My life took a different path from what I had imagined. I touched the bottom, all the way to search for answers to my questions, never found. After 5 years, I received a letter from my sister, it was inexplicably her. The same words, the same way of expressing themselves through another person, who was the intermediary, this letter saved me.

This project is the result of my feeling every day, after 26 years without my sister, trying to face different feelings, to find myself through the camera. Photographing my nephew, it was like being with her again, learning a lot, seeing a lot. Taking pictures forces me to see through time.

I was inspired by the idea of ​​fragility and the relationship between death and life. Time freezes when a loss becomes infinite. Each one of her objects, dresses and plants became an uncomfortable presence that attested to that absence. But now everything has changed and that absence has become a constant presence, it protects me, makes me smile. Love that does not end, death does not separate.

Veronica Barbato
Caserta (Italy)


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