The Sunken Place

Yiannis Trifonopoulos

Veryoften modern man is forced to comply and adapt to the conditions andsituations that surround him. As a result, he has great difficulty,both toexpresshis wants and needs and toreact.

Toxichuman relationships that drown us, people as "energy vampires"that drain our energy, lifeless cities that resemble prisons and trapus, while workplaces are governed by stressful conditions andexcessive demands.

The"Sunken Place"is metaphorically the placewe have fallen into when we are oppressed, but feel powerless tointervene and change the situation and often choose silence as a signof condescension and submission to the imposition of this oppressivepsychological normality.

Thisseries seeksto depictthesense of oppression experienced in such a toxic environment,allegorically visualizingall those emotional transitions that take place when we are in the"Sunken Place".

Yiannis Trifonopoulos

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